I don’t have to – I get to!

I would like to thank Erica Jones for this. I think this a good exercise for everyone and remind themselves why they are doing what they are doing!

When you don’t have to do anything, everything seems possible. 

When you get to do something, it becomes a privilege.

I am so glad not to be an employee any more and I took a few minutes to think about why.

When I was an employee some of the things  ‘I had to’:-

  • Be at work at 8 o’clock
  • Take holiday during school holidays (I was a teacher)
  • Beg for time off to see my children’s assemblies and sports days and then set cover work
  • Attend pointless staff and departmental meetings every week
  • Get paid in arrears on the date the council decided
  • Send my children to an after school club which they hated

Now I work at home ‘I get to’:-

  • See my children off to school every day (and give them a lift sometimes if it’s raining!)
  • Be at home when they come home and talk about their day
  • Attend all their class assemblies and sports days
  • Have a cup of tea when I like
  • Have lunch with my friends
  • Have a bath in the middle of the day
  • Start working at a time that suits me (I don’t really function well before 11am)
  • Pay someone else to do my paperwork if I choose
  • I have learned to be happy with who I am instead of expecting someone else to make me happy
  • Buy my food every day as I need it instead of a stressed out weekly shop at the supermarket
  • If I need to go to London I can get a later train and avoid all the commuter rush
  • Spend most of my day doing what I enjoy
  • Sometimes I take my kids out of school for the day and we do something fun instead

Yes it takes motivation and self-discipline but with those compelling reasons what more motivation do you need?

So what would you like to ‘get to do’ today?

Meet Kenny and Erica Jones – the ‘Travelling Entrepreneurs.’


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