Creating happy memories

you never forget your first kiss…

This time of year can be very depressing; cold, dark, lots of rain and snow.  People have often over-eaten and overspent at Christmas and business is very slow.  I often get downhearted and just want to hibernate!  However this year has had to be one of the best January and Februarys ever for me.  Apart from the snow (which I love) I had fun laughing at old photos and sharing memories and re-connecting with old friends on facebook.   Ah the magic of social media!  These brought back happy memories which helped lift me out of that dark place.  Actually that is rather an understatement – I can’t stop smiling!  In a strange way bringing those old memories to the surface has also helped me understand more about why I have done what I’ve done and how I intend to live my life in future.

The other day I had ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz recommended to me (that one-click ordering on Amazon is fatal!) and he says almost the same thing ‘Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank.’  Positive, happy help us overcome our fears but negative or sad thoughts only weaken us.  That’s not to say I never feel negative about anything but I can hold onto the happy thoughts to bring me out of it.  Meditation helps too, I am more aware of how I’m feeling and can can choose to go with it or change.

So what memories are you creating today?


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