Have you read your horoscope today?

Today I was thinking about horoscopes.  Most people dismiss them as being a load of rubbish “well is that really going to happen to 1/12 of the population?”   And then what happens – nothing, they don’t make a million pounds or find the love of their life!  Yet everybody reads them (even if they won’t admit to it!).

I would agree in the most part, horoscopes tend to be very generic and you can read into them what you want.  At the beginning of January when I was bored and snowbound for fun I sent off for a free reading for this year, probably from an ad I saw on another website.  It had all the usual stuff – there were lots of movements in the planets (oooooerr missus!) which would mean I would find a great opportunity to make lots of money, I would find love this year although I hadn’t actually met him yet as he was abroad etc. etc.   There was then the usual thing – what does this mean to you Helen Pengelly, please pay us another $60 and we can help you make the most of these opportunities Helen Pengelly so you don’t miss out.  Well if they get people paying for these ‘personalised reports’ good on them!  We all have to make a living somehow.

Of course they always tell you what you want to hear so hopefully you will part with some dosh to hear more of what you want to hear.  But I thought ok yes I want to make a lot of money this year and find the love of my life so I will start believing it!  There are always opportunities opening up to us so why not find one that you like and go for it.  We make our own lives so if you like the sound of it believe it and you will start finding ways to make it happen.

About 9 years ago I remember reading a horoscope in the weekend paper which said something along the lines of ‘on Thursday Jupiter will move into your star sign which means you will make a life changing decision.’  On that day I finally made the decision to end my marriage which had been unhappy for many years.  So was the horoscope right, did all Cancerians make a life changing decision on that day?  I very much doubt it but because I had been thinking for several months about this a seed was planted in my mind which made me believe it and take action.

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