Young love…

…and be careful of marrying someone you met on the rebound!

Wow what emotions a picture can stir up!  Yesterday a friend of mine posted a picture on facebook of me when I was 17 with some friends and my first love, Richard.  The spooky thing was I realised it was almost 30 years to the day since we met.  Life was so much simpler then, we were so in love and thought we would spend the rest of our lives together.  I cannot even say we drifted apart we were always close. We broke up after I started university but always kept in touch; got together again then he went off to University.  I went to visit him there and a couple of weeks later I found out he had been seeing someone else.  The next day I met the man who then became my husband (see previous post on domestic abuse).  Richard and I continued to write to each other (no text or e-mail in those days) until I got married and then it didn’t seem appropriate to write to him any more.  I always regretted not keeping in touch with him and now I have no idea where he is.  The last time I saw him was a few months before I got married in 1986, it was evident we still had feelings for each other but back then I felt that I had made a commitment even though I knew I didn’t love the man I was going to marry. The perils of getting married too young and parents who did not approve of us living together! I guess I’ll never know what would have happened.

I just want to say thanks to Bill for posting up the picture and reminding me what it really feels like to love someone and be loved in return.






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