Break ups

‘Relationships are both built up and torn down in the subtlest of ways.’ Jeff Olson from ‘The Slight Edge’

I’m talking about business relationships here but have just discovered for myself they can be just as painful – if not more so – than personal relationship break ups. To be let down by a business associate after you have helped them rebuild their business is far more hurtful than being let down by a lover, at least in that instance you can just walk away. There are constant reminders and as a result I have lost 2 other friends too.

The hurt I feel about the way I have been treated is agonising to say the least but once I acknowledge the way I feel it does ease. That is one of the first things that I learned in my meditation group to notice the way you feel but not to get attached to it. We can beat ourselves up that we have let someone get to us or accept that that is how we feel. Acceptance enables us to move on and learn from the experience.

I discussed this with Lisa Turner of Psychademy about this. Lisa specialises in Energy Transmutation and using your psychic powers. She reassured me that because I felt like this I was actually doing it right!