As we move forward into a more conscious age we hear more about ‘paying it forward’. In other words doing random acts of kindness without expecting any reward. The bible talks about ‘tithing’ – giving one tenth of your income to the church or some other religious organisation and if you do you will never go short.

I’ve always believed this on a superficial level, in that it is a fundamental law of the universe – or a higher power – but it all amounts to the same thing. Now I’ve moved on and I have faith, I’ve experienced it.

However I have never subscribed to giving 10% of your income, after all someone who earns £100,000 a year can afford more than that whereas someone who earns £10,000 a year can’t. I think giving time (which is more precious anyway) or talents is just as valid.

I strive to have balance in my life. As well as working to pay the bills I volunteer my time to causes I believe in and donate money as I see fit. A few weeks ago I was given notice to leave the house I had only been living in for 14 months.  It’s not ideal timing just before my sons’ A levels and GCSEs not to mention the expense. The kindness I have received from people I have only just met in that time has been overwhelming. The biggest surprise came when I was helping to clean up our lovely old village church in preparation for Easter and the vicar told me they have a fund that can help with my moving costs.

Pay it forward people; you know it makes sense.