It’s ok to be silly

How often I was told as a child ‘don’t be silly’, ‘be sensible’ and if my younger brother was naughty I would get the blame being told that ‘you are old enough to know better’ or ‘you should be setting a good example.’ When I was older it occurred to me to wonder who, as I was the oldest, should be setting me a good example? And of course I’ve been guilty of saying similar things to my boys!

When we are at Primary School a lot of the teaching time is devoted to creative activities then suddenly at Secondary School everything is sectioned off into separate subjects with Maths, English and Science being considered the most important. Maybe there is a little room for imagination in English but exam questions have to be answered in a certain format.

When I started Grammar School the novelty of feeling grown up wore off after the first term and I discovered that it was more fun to try and make people laugh. This was frowned upon of course.

I grew up without a TV so I lived a lot in my imagination, either through reading or writing stories, drawing pictures or simply sitting making things up in my head. How lovely to have the opportunity this last week to re-connect with my imagination and write whatever came into my head – however ridiculous or silly it may seem.

Then yesterday when I get home there is a knot in my stomach ‘Oh dear, did I make a fool of myself?’ and I inwardly cringe. How ridiculous – I am cringing at the thought of being authentic.

So now my mantra has to be ‘it’s ok to be silly.’