Using sub-personalities in loving-kindness meditation

I believe we are our own worst critic. If you are familiar with the Metta Bhavana (loosely translated as the cultivation of loving kindness) meditation then you will know the 5 stages. (Click the link to find out more).

I don’t think too much about who I’m going to put in each stage I go with whatever comes up. This morning it became obvious I should put myself in the 4th stage (the person we have difficulty with, sometimes called ‘the enemy’ but it can be a friend we are having problems with too). I often put myself in all the stages. I have found myself being very critical and judgemental of others in the last few days and even more so of myself. I realised it was time to be kind to myself.

As I was meditating I brought to mind a technique I was taught on my coaching course using sub-personalities. It can be very hard to appreciate ourselves so by imagining that judgemental part of me as a separate person I found it easier to send her metta.

I usually meditate as soon as I wake up otherwise I get distracted and put it off and inevitably don’t end up doing it. I have to say this has had a powerful effect on my day. I have stopped feeling angry with the world (well for now anyway) but it is a practice and I keep working on it.


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