Busy people
Rushing around
Got to finish this job
Heads bowed looking down
How can they see where they are going?
They are moving onto the next thing
They’ve lost touch with what they love and their true vision

Take a minute
It only takes a minute

Could you do this another way?

But this is the way it’s always been
Bugger efficiency
I’m too old to change my ways now


Sorry, things to do. Bye

Surely you don’t really need to do all that paperwork

Oh but I have to meet these targets

But what if you didn’t do it, would the job still get done?

Of course but I need to have the evidence that I did it


For the inspectors

Oh, are they blind then?

No, but… hang on a minute… I have a brain
I could do this my way

Yes! Yes! Yes!


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