Calming your thoughts

Something I hear a lot is ‘I can’t meditate because I can’t empty my mind.’ I have to confess before I started meditating I thought that what was supposed to happen too. Meditating is about getting to know your mind, spotting patterns and assumptions. Recently I’ve been getting more than a little frustrated with myself as my thoughts seem to be on overtime at the moment and even meditating twice a day my mind is still as busy. At the weekend Prakasha was talking about waiting for our mind to settle. If only! Sometimes even after an hour of sitting on the cushion it was still as busy.

Last night I woke in the small hours and my mind was racing as per usual. I then remembered something else that Prakasha had said about facing everything in our experience so I thought instead of trying to turn away from the thoughts I would let them in. I felt all the thoughts come rushing into my head like children running out of school at the end of the day, and then – they settled. It is so easy to turn away from those parts of our experience we don’t like but when we face them we actually feel happier.

I am working in a school at the moment where people are dropping like flies with sickness. I almost felt guilty this morning because I had so much energy and enthusiasm. There is much published in the media at the moment about how mindfulness and meditation improve health. I know from experience that it works.



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