Reflecting on my best lessons

Those that I remember the most are not the lessons where I had written a detailed 3-part lesson plan and stuck to it, had a learning objective, starter and plenary and would have been judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. No the lessons that stay with me are the messy ones, where I didn’t even try very hard yet I received the best feedback ever – from the kids. The lessons where I went with my intuition, responded to the needs of the children and made it up as I went along and allowed the children to do the same.

To this day my favourite was a music lesson with year 7s. We spent most of the hour playing the drums, dancing and singing, making it up as we went along. They told me it was the best lesson they had ever had. I became known in another school because I danced with some year 9s during an Art lesson so I wager those year 7s will remember that lesson for a long time.

Maybe I could get away with it a bit more because I was doing supply cover, or is that just an assumption? I believe we need more teachers to take ownership of their lessons and give their pupils space to be creative and exercise their imaginations. It takes courage and means stepping out of your comfort zone but imagine what it will do for teachers’ personal development as well as that of their pupils.


DHS TeachMeet 2015

Disclaimer: I would not recommend David Didau as a speaker, he completely failed to engage the audience and spoke for too long. Lessons to be learned!

Class Teaching



Last Thursday saw our fourth annual TeachMeet at Durrington High School.  As always, it was a fantastic evening.  A great demonstration of the appetite of teachers for sharing and collaboration – exactly what teachmeets should be about.

tmdd3The evening got off to a great start with David Didau.  David asked us to challenge our assumptions about teaching and learning – something that he is very good at.  He discussed the fact that many of the things that actually make a difference to learning are counter-intuitive – so need us to think about and change our own practice.  He unpicked the difference between learning and performance, the need for desireable difficulties and what we can do about it.  His presentation can be downloaded here.


The Presentations:

Kate Bloomfield – The best revision guide…ever – @tennisbloom

Kate discussed the fact that there was no need to spend loads of money…

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