Reflecting your inner world

The internet is a funny place. I don’t tend to comment or post much and I’m not really bothered whether people like me or not and I prefer to make friends in the real world rather than with other bloggers. When I do I put a lot of thought into what I write and my intention behind everything I write is to be kind and helpful. It still comes as a shock though when people you don’t know and will never meet make unkind and judgemental comments. I know not to take what they say personally as it says far more about them than me.

We live in such a litigious society and people are so suspicious of other peoples’ motives. I find that very sad. I am used to being with people who are happy sharing – isn’t that what used to happen before we had libel, copyright and other laws? Does it really matter? We are all going to end up dead anyway.

So the point of this post is, and my learning for today, people will always be unkind whatever your motives. Remember whatever you say is a reflection of your inner world. I am grateful that I am not living in their world, imagine what that must be like!

May all beings be well and happy.


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