A strong woman

Everyone knows a strong woman. The one who things always seem to happen to yet she copes just fine! You admire her and say things like ‘I don’t know how you do it.’

Well consider this. She doesn’t have any choice. Some days there is nothing she would like more than to have a breakdown but she can’t afford to because there is no one to pick her up. She doesn’t have the luxury of a husband to share responsibilities with. She might have had one once but he was constantly telling her how useless she was and a waste of space. It took a huge amount of strength to leave that marriage. Why did she stay so long? Apart from being afraid of what he would do she thought she would be viewed as a failure.

She’s probably always laughing and joking because if she didn’t she would constantly be crying. Perhaps when she was 11 years old, 4’6″ tall weighing 5 stone it was the only way to protect herself from being bullied when she started secondary school.