Helen and Bosh day 1 – Creamy Carbonara

Picture in the book

A friend of mine bought me the Bosh cookbook for Christmas. I have been cooking for about 50 years – scary! I am a volunteer cook at retreat centres where the food is all vegan. I am regularly told that my food is the best people have had on a retreat so I do think I have some talent! I did consider becoming a chef when I was young but didn’t want to have to touch dead flesh. I didn’t like meat as a kid, and although I have been told I liked fish when I was small, I haven’t eaten any seafood – other than by mistake – in my living memory. Apart from once when I went to a dinner party and my ex husband didn’t tell them I didn’t eat fish. It was all fish and I didn’t have the heart to tell them! I was violently sick on the way home so maybe my body is telling me something.
I finally gave up eating meat in 2015 and at home I am completely vegan. I try to be vegan as much as possible when out and about but being coeliac adds extra complications. It is getting much easier but cakes are my downfall! I have always loved vegetables – I used to swap my meat for the other kids’ cabbage when I was at school.
Well back to Bosh – so to speak. As a busy coach I don’t always plan meals as much as I would like and tend to throw things together. Cooking has always been a creative outlet for me. But as the title of this blog implies I am always looking for ways to simplify my life. Now all my sons have left home I don’t have to worry about what anyone else wants to eat, I can please myself. Rather than have the added pressure of looking through the book and deciding what to cook I decided I would work through it a la Julie and Julia. I have no affiliation with the company. I went shopping today for the first 6 days and it was quite nice not having to think too much when I made my list!
The first recipe in the book is a Creamy Carbonara. I am going to rate the recipes out of 10 under the following headings:

Skill level required: 7/10
Washing up generated: 2/10 bowl, liquidiser, 2saucepans, colander, oven tray, chopping board + utensils
Portion size: 6/10
Tastiness: 7/10
Cooking time: 45 mins + 15 mins preparation & marinading time
Will I make it again? Probably not


What it actually turned out like.

The recipe says serves 4 – I made half quantities so I’d have some for lunch tomorrow. Portion size was small – I had one and a half. It was quite tasty but not worth all the fiddliness and the amount of washing up generated for a midweek meal. The cashew cream is yum.

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