Helen and Bosh day 12 – Portobello Burgers

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I love anything with mushrooms so these were bound to be a hit. Use a garlic crusher to mince the garlic. I learned something today – I had never heard of balsamic glaze before. It’s easy to make just heat up some balsamic vinegar and sugar in a saucepan until it has reduced by half. I personally don’t like ketchup – why spoil the delicate taste of the garlic mushrooms? Mayonnaise on its own is fine or add a little bit of chilli sauce for a bit of a kick. I served with sweet potato wedges.  Unfortunately I was unable to locate gluten free burger buns that were vegan so I used Schar ciabatta rolls. Cooking and preparation time about 30 minutes.


What they actually look like
What they actually look like

Skill level required: 1/10
Washing up generated: 10/10 baking sheet, chopping board and utensils
Portion size: 10/10
Tastiness: 8/10
Will I make it again? Probably

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