Helen and Bosh Day 16 – Mushroom & Guinness Pie

Book picture

Of course Guinness isn’t gluten free so I used St Peter’s dark gluten free beer which is available in Sainsbury’s. Again it’s mushrooms so bound to be a hit! I would have preferred a bit more gravy so next time I will add a bit of stock to the filling. That is just my personal choice though – the flavour was great. The phone rang while it was in the oven so my crust is slightly browner than I intended! Although compared to the picture in the book it does look far more appetising than their pale crust. My time saving tip – start cooking the onions first before putting the mushrooms in the oven. The wonderful thing about Jus-Rol gluten free pastry is you don’t have to roll it out! I used soya milk as a glaze. Total preparation and cooking time about 1 and a half hours.

What it looks like

Skill level required: 5/10
Washing up generated: 7/10 baking tray, oven dish, frying pan, chopping board and utensils
Portion size: 10/10
Tastiness: 8/10
Will I make it again? Again pasta and sauce is a regular staple so I will be making my usual variations depending what veg I have in!


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