Helen and Bosh Day 17 – Sweet & Sour Crispy Tofu

Book picture

My tip for a better flavour if you have a juicer – use a fresh pineapple. For much of my life I thought I didn’t like pineapple but that was because I had only ever had tinned. Don’t do what I did though and forget to put the bit aside you were going to chop up to put in the dish! I used the pulp from the juicer though and it still tasted fine. It was rather sweet and I didn’t use tomato ketchup – an authentic Chinese ingredient? Why on earth? I used passata instead and if I made this again I wouldn’t add sugar either. I would also put in more chilli flakes to up the ‘sour’ flavour. It’s quick to make though – not sure why this isn’t in Quick Eats and Pad Thai is. Another tip of mine, there is no need to coat the tofu in cornflour – the flour goes crispy but not the tofu. Simply fry the tofu cubes in some sunflower or coconut oil, saves on washing up too. Serve with some steamed greens. Total preparation and cooking time about 35 minutes.

Finished dish.

Skill level required: 6/10
Washing up generated: 4/10 bowl, grater, 2 frying pans, saucepan, chopping board and utensils
Portion size: 10/10
Tastiness: 7/10
Will I make it again? Yes with my variations above.

Helen and Bosh Day 16 – Mushroom & Guinness Pie

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Of course Guinness isn’t gluten free so I used St Peter’s dark gluten free beer which is available in Sainsbury’s. Again it’s mushrooms so bound to be a hit! I would have preferred a bit more gravy so next time I will add a bit of stock to the filling. That is just my personal choice though – the flavour was great. The phone rang while it was in the oven so my crust is slightly browner than I intended! Although compared to the picture in the book it does look far more appetising than their pale crust. My time saving tip – start cooking the onions first before putting the mushrooms in the oven. The wonderful thing about Jus-Rol gluten free pastry is you don’t have to roll it out! I used soya milk as a glaze. Total preparation and cooking time about 1 and a half hours.

What it looks like

Skill level required: 5/10
Washing up generated: 7/10 baking tray, oven dish, frying pan, chopping board and utensils
Portion size: 10/10
Tastiness: 8/10
Will I make it again? Again pasta and sauce is a regular staple so I will be making my usual variations depending what veg I have in!